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VYI's goal every year is to get every football team to have an account with the VYI Treasurer so that no individual team is doing their purchasing on their own. The idea is that if parents make checks payable to VYI, parent payments are tax deductible, but if parents write a check to Bob Jones, Coach, they are not. Also, invoices for goods should be made out to VYI to take advantage of VYI's Virginia sales tax exemption. Please do not use a charge card and work with VYI's Treasurer to set up credit for your team whenever possible.

The first step to create an account is for the Football Commisisoner to provide the VYI Treasurer the team list each May/June showing the names of the teams, their weight class and the coaches names and contact info. Then all any coach has to do to start an account is to mail or drop in the mailbox checks or cash in a sealed envelope for their team to:

9521 Leemay Street
Vienna, VA  22182

or, give them to Bill Cervenak at a league meeting. Please ask for a receipt when providing checks or cash to Bill.

As the money is received a team account will be created, the money will be credited to the team account and will become immediately available for reimbursement.

Reimbursements from the account may come only after invoices are provided to a football representative at football meetings, emailed to or mailed to the VYI office at the address above.


Each head coach is solely responsible for any purchases made from various vendors. Even though checks are made out to VYI to allow for tax deductions, or invoices made out to VYI to take advantage of our sales tax exemption, each coach has financial responsibility to pay all bills from the money raised for his team, or to cover any outstanding balances at the end of the year.

Please watch this carefully as the performance of each head coach affects their own, as well as VYI's reputation.